Save the date for #GivingTuesday!

10 Nov 2018
en Instituciones educativas
Save the date for #GivingTuesday!

In 2017, more than $300 million was raised in 150 countries on #GivingTuesday!

United Methodists will come together in a spirit of joyful giving on #GivingTuesday, November 27, 2018. Prepare to encourage generosity and build awareness among your supporters as you capitalize on this powerful opportunity to grow your ministry. Let’s come together as #GiveUMC to generate another successful day of giving.

Describe the need affecting constituents

The communities most marginalized socially and economically in large cities, do not have access to quality education, or guaranteed continuity and completion of studies, resource requirements entering within the families. Poverty is on the rise and despite the struggle to sustain public and free education, these establishments are located in neighborhoods needier, serious difficulties. There are much abandonment studies and little/no accompaniment to these populations. If a disability is added to that, it is virtually impossible to think of a social inclusion and education that can overcome these barriers imposed by the system.

The purpose of project

Achieving the social inclusion of children/adolescents through education and that this is quality. The long-term impact is that they can be part of a society that is inclusive and diverse, enriched with education and enriching it through their own contributions.

Measurable Changes

We hope that this project grow inclusion in the educational system, they remain in it and who are content in their problems, this will result in better quality of life, more family sharing time and a more diverse and inclusive society.

How to Give?

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Annual Goal: $301,500.00

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Gift Tracking Guide

Gift tracking can be used to track the giving history for churches, Advance projects (including missionaries), districts and conferences. The results illustrate the gifts received for the intended projects through The Advance and does not suggest the funds has been disbursed to the project. This tool exist to serve as resource to determine if gifts were received by The Advance, who will then ensure it is disbursed to the project.

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