Welcome Letter of the XXVI IEMA General Assembly

27 Sep 2019
en Asamblea General
Welcome Letter of the XXVI IEMA General Assembly

Welcome Letter

Dear brothers and sisters coming to the IEMA’s XXVI General Assembly,

On behalf of Bishop Américo Jara Reyes, we welcome you to the XXVI General Assembly of the Argentinean Methodist Evangelical Church. We want to thank you for joining us in such an important event for our Church! And we also want to send you this useful guide to help you prepare for your participation.

Assembly’s venue

All the activities will be held at Colegio Ward’s campus.

Address: calle Héctor Coucheiro 599, Villa Sarmiento, Provincia de Buenos Aires. MAP

Getting to Colegio Ward

Please send your complete itinerary to Mrs. Mónica Silva (English Speaking), Head of the Hospitality team. One of their members will contact you in order to help you to get to Colegio Ward. Please send this information up to October 7th. If you have already sent it, please do it again, just in case.

Mónica Silva: monicaelenasilva@gmail.com

Upon your arrival at Colegio Ward’s campus, please go to the Merner Hall (see map at the end of this letter) for registration. There, you will be assigned a room for your whole stay. You will also be given an identification card, Please wear it during the whole Assembly.

In case you arrive in your own car, please use the Parking entrance located here: calle Julián Portela 897. MAP

Delegates are expected to be here by Friday October 11th, though we know you may arrive earlier. Don’t worry, Let us know your itinerary in advance and we will be expecting you.


The staff will provide a translator for your better participation in activities.

Accommodation and Meals

You will be given the meals’ tickets when you register at the Merner Hall. Please keep them during your whole stay. Colegio Ward provides blankets, sheets, towels and soap to all delegates. We recommend saving your valuables to avoid any inconvenience.

Accessibility: please let the Hospitality team know if you have any disability or special requirement, if you can’t climb stairs or any other special request.

There will be a cafeteria service available, close to the Session Floor.


They’re expected to:

  • Receive suggestions about the development of the Assembly, so they can hand them over to the General Secretary
  • Keep the mics at hand when needed
  • To give any extra information that is required.


Every document, except the Assembly’s Schedule, is in Spanish. You have been sent the documents by e-mail, a Google Drive link, there you’ll find all the documentation stored for you to read, analyze and discuss. We suggest you to bring an electronic device to work with this material, since all documents to be generated by the Assembly will be available online only.

Reports will not be read on floor, except for some paragraphs that the Assembly may consider to highlight. However, every delegate has the right to express their observations at the plenaries.

You may also read the IEMA’S Bylaw and Constitution (in Spanish).

If you have any doubt about documentation you may contact Mrs. Nora Viacava, Head of the Documentation team: noraviacava@gmail.com

Click here to download the XXVI IEMA’s General Assembly Schedule

Click here to access the available documentation (in Spanish)
Mrs. Viacava will let you know by e-mail as new documentation is uploaded.

Group work

During this Assembly delegates will take part in two different group work. On one hand, you will join one of the 7 commissions that will discuss the reports about the different programs of IEMA. On the other hand, and at a different moment, you will join one of the 5 groups that will gather to discuss the documents about ‘The Great Parish’, a series of 5 documents that Bishop Jara Reyes presented to the whole IEMA, that try to reflect on many aspects considered to be crucial for our church on this time in the country. Changing the assigned group is not expected, though feel free to let us know if you want a change.

Each commission and group will have a Moderator and a Secretary who will conduct the sessions.

Thus, we will address them differently as commissions (IEMA’s programs), for the first case, and groups (The Great Parish), for the second case. That will be shown on your ID cards.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

In Christ,
The XXVI IEMA’s General Assembly’s Team.